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12740 Strawflower Lane #14, NoblesvilleIN 46060, USA

Cap Quirk is a one-man band, rhythmic story-teller.  His timeless folk-americana style is embellished by his captivating lyrics and musical inventiveness.  Born and raised in the small town, family culture of rural Indiana, Cap is a dreamer and a creator; someone who relates to a piece of everyone. 

“Cap’s approach to writing is genuine; from the heart; and something people can relate to.”
-Nathan Heironimus, Producer at Sweetwater Studios

Following his first album “Step One,” his newly released album “Sessions on Leslie,” truly "reaches out from within" as stated in the song, "Carry On."  A melodic blend of emotional journeys relatable to the masses, “Sessions on Leslie” is the type of album that makes you question your current journey and the point of its fulfillment.  Its acoustic rawness compliments Cap's authenticity and audience congruity.  "I'll show you the meaning I’m pursuin'" from track number seven, is a key element of his message that life's greatest moments are in fact the side-steps off the broken path to an ever changing destination. 

 Cap's one-man talent is not limited to musical dexterity.  His passion for creating extends beyond his guitar picking.  In the spring of 2015 he completed a full restoration of an 1800's barn to be utilized as an event venue.  He is a universal carpenter, a licensed journeymen electrician, and a natural born athlete.  These creative outlets contribute to his artistic expression as well as impart inspiration for his music and life in general.  His reputation as a skilled worker and musical talent provides him building projects and performances at venues, weddings, and parties across Indiana.  His loyal fan base is expanding nation-wide thanks to opportunities to play at the 2014 Folk Alliance International Conference in Kansas City and Subaru’s Main Street Stage at the Indiana State Fair in 2015. Caps songwriting ability continues to evolve along with his skills as a musician.